Astronaut Family Life

Astronaut Family Life

Astronaut Family Life : Rebellion Research discusses the hardships of being the family of a NASA Astronaut. NASA Astronaut Mike Mullane and his son Patrick Mullane, the Executive Director of Harvard Business School Online discuss growing up in a household where the father was blasting off to outer space and the pain that would cause Patrick and the rest of his family.

Patrick’s sister was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, so clearly they were an inspired family!

NASA Astronaut Mike Mullane grew up a pilot and was one of the original astronauts selected for the inaugural Space Shuttle Astronaut Team.

NASA Astronaut Mike Mullane & Harvard Business School Online Director Patrick Mullane Discuss the pain of being part of a NASA Astronaut’s family growing up and a Life in Space!

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NASA Astronaut Mike Mullane & Harvard Business School Online Director Patrick Mullane on Being A Space Family

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How hard must it be to wonder about your father’s potential for dying when he went to work? Every child worries endlessly about their parent’s safety, but to grow up with those nerves magnified by the presence of a Space Shuttle seems like a very tough childhood experience.

When Astronaut Mullane would blast off, Patrick would go to the roof of the NASA headquarters in Cape Canaveral and watch his father go for space.

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One time when a blast off was aborted Patrick wondered if his father would get out of the Space Shuttle alive? We all watched Apollo 13 and know about the nightmares NASA Astronaut family members have.