Artificial Intelligence Stock Picks

Artificial Intelligence Stock Picks

Artificial Intelligence Stock Picks : The most common question Rebellion Research is asked by potential clients is: how do “Rebellion’s Artificial Intelligence Stock Picks Occur?”

20 years ago our founders were 4 mathematicians with no financial background. But they knew that they didn’t know anything. By that measure, they understood their system must learn how to invest by taking in data from the ENTIRE global economy.

So Rebellion Research’s Artificial Intelligence system, known as ‘Star’, has been outperforming the markets for nearly 15 years by relying on MANY DIVERSIFIED UNRELATED global factors.

For instance, if the Artificial Intelligence decides it likes Japan, Japan’s consumer spending and the earnings ratios of Sony for instance, then Sony would be a likely candidate for a purchase. But, what if a hedge fund manager who always loses to the market and has a bad history purchases Sony?

Shouldn’t this new piece of data count against the overall value of Sony?

In our Artificial Intelligence’s eyes Sony will lose value from this new piece of data.

For to buy a stock we must have avoided as much potential risk as possible. For avoiding risk is our Artificial Intelligence’s primary goal, only after we have avoided as much global risk as possible can we then look to make money.

For another example what about in 2014 when oil started to crash? Our Artificial Intelligence sold its Latin American stocks, because in our Ai’s view Latin American currencies have a high correlation with the price of oil.

And currency is the single most important global factor for any investment, for the currency is the denominator of any value.

If a company doubles earnings but their currency fell 75%, then they are a much less valuable company than before the currency fell. So our Artificial Intelligence is extremely sensitive to global currency values.

But our Artificial Intelligence also looks at good and bad mutual fund and hedge fund managers. Whatever data can show a correlation to a prediction, must be looked at.

At the end of the day, our Artificial Intelligence is just seeking patterns, whatever patterns are existing at the time in the financial markets.

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