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Are Retail Investors Driving the Market? It’s the Era of the Retail Trader

Are Retail Investors Driving The Market? It’s the Era of the Retail Trader

There has never been a better time to see if trading is a real opportunity to pursue as either a primary or secondary source of income. A convergence of macroeconomics, technology, societal change, and access to capital have opened the doors to anyone with the time and desire to take control over their financial future with a relatively small investment and minimal risk. How is all this possible?

The pre-COVID crypto boom saw an unprecedented number of people turning to this new asset class, with apps that made it easy to buy and sell. The same access to simple trading mechanisms also became a reality for equities traders, as apps like WeBull and Robinhood gained steam. 

The momentum accelerated throughout the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns as more people were working from home and had more time and disposable income with which to work. Many have become accustomed to working from home and wish to continue that lifestyle. While the job markets have been very tight, increasingly more companies are either pausing new hiring or starting to cut jobs back in anticipation of a looming recession. Should layoffs start to accelerate the momentum in the online trading community will only increase.

According to a Modern Trader report, there are nearly 14 million online traders in the world.

Not only that, but the same report estimates that 4.3 million people have started trading in the last year alone. That explosive growth has given rise to a vast landscape of resource providers that serve the trader community, including coaches, trader groups, training systems, indicators, algorithms and EAs… and now capital provided by proprietary trading (prop trading) firms.

The appeal to every trader is simple — the idea that if they can master the skills and discipline required, they can control their financial destiny. For some, trading was a hobby. The more dedicated treated it as a professional athlete would — practicing, learning, putting in the countless hours required to excel. 

Once they became consistently profitable, the last challenge was undercapitalization. Maybe they only had a few thousand dollars of their own capital to commit. No matter how good a trader you become you cannot earn a living or even a substantial secondary income with so little funds. That’s where Prop Trading firms come in.

For a very reasonable fee one can “Audition” for a prop firm by successfully demonstrating trading skills on a demo account.
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Moreover, pass the audition and you are rewarded with a live account to trade. Furthermore, receive 75% of the profits earned with zero financial risk for the trader! 

Evening The Playing Field

SurgeTrader, LLC is a US-based proprietary trading firm on a mission to accelerate trader funding. But, in addition, provide capital to profitable traders. Once traders have proven they can be profitable by passing an Audition, they become a part of the SurgeTrader funded trader community. In addition, w access to an account funded with up to $10 million in buying power.

“If there’s one thing we know at SurgeTrader, it’s that traders come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. You’ve got scalpers, day traders and swing traders. They like to trade equities, indices, forex, crypto, metals, oil and everything in between. They trade 24 hours a day from all over the world,” says Garrett Hollander, CMO of SurgeTrader.

“With that variety comes the desire for trading flexibility and prop firms can offer that to the community. Whether it’s the access to leverage or the diversity of asset class choices. Prop firms give traders the flexibility to choose how they trade, when they trade and what they trade,” he adds.

The Future

No one is more pleased with growth of prop trading firms than Michael Weissman, Co-Founder of, a trading software and education provider and partner of SurgeTrader who introduced us to this new “selection process” for great traders.

Michael Weissman

“Our new partnership with SurgeTrader is already paying significant dividends for our company and clients,” says Weissman. “The reality is that a very successful day trader could earn 10-15% per month on their account, with superstars possibly as much as 20-25%. So, even a very good trader needs at least $25K to generate enough of a return to compensate for the time and effort required. In the past we lost clients when we explained the realities of day trading and that even if they do become profitable. They’ll still need a big bankroll to make it worthwhile. Thus, now we have a great option for them, and our business is really accelerating,” Weissman says. 

“Prop trading auditions are fair, but can test the nerves and skills of even the best traders”

“There are rules that must be followed and restrictions on trade size, margin, and drawdowns. Our software and trading style are ideally suited to trade within those restrictions. While putting you on a course to pass an audition in as short of time as possible,” Weissman goes on. 

To kick off the new relationship with SurgeTrader, The Amazing Trader released a new Prop Trader Prep program. One specifically designed to prepare for an audition. Included is six months of their proprietary charting software, complete study guide, 3x per week 2-hour live education and trading webinars, and a paid audition for a SurgeTrader $25K funded account.

However, there is a cost. Which is $499. 

However, Weissman opines on the cost, “where else can you get a chance to change your financial future for $499?”

Click Here for more information on Surgetrader

Click Here for more information on The Amazing Trader Prop Trader Prep Program

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Are Retail Investors Driving the Market? It’s the Era of the Retail Trader