Are electric cars healthy for the environment?

Are electric cars healthy for the environment? So you want to help “save the world” by buying an electric car?

Did you know … in a single year 15 of the largest cargo ships produce the same amount of pollution as … wait for it … ALL OF THE AUTOMOBILES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD?

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According to New Atlas “The low grade bunker fuel used by the world’s 90,000 cargo ships contains up to 2,000 times the amount of sulfur compared to diesel fuel used in automobiles.”

Furthermore, “There are 760 million cars in the world today emitting approximately 78,599 tons of Sulphur Oxides (SOx) annually. The world’s 90,000 vessels burn approximately 370 million tons of fuel per year emitting 20 million tons of Sulphur Oxides.”

Now, let’s add some more perspective. There are 90,000 cargo ships!  Shocking!  Isn’t it?  So why, oh why, are we focused on automobile pollution when ships generate 260 times more global pollution???

In conclusion, if America REALLY wanted to reduce pollution. We would stop having oil and goods shipped in from other countries and start making everything here!!! Lastly, this one single change (making things in America for Americans) could reduce the entire world’s pollution by 10%! Instantly!  And, it would help America’s economy at the same time!

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Are electric cars healthy for the environment?