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Arbol Weather Insurance : Arbol’s CEO Opens Up

Arbol Weather Insurance : Interview With Arbol CEO

Arbol Weather Insurance : What is parametric coverage?

Arbol Weather Insurance : What sets Arbol’s products apart is that our coverage is parametric. What this means is that our contracts pay out based on predetermined, verifiable, and objective metrics. Data sources for weather contracts include trusted and secure public sources from institutions like NASA and NOAA.

Parametric insurance eliminates the traditional claims process altogether for the client that can often lead to delays, disputes, and occasional instances of fraud in delivering payouts. With Arbol, the client chooses the index for loss at the beginning of their contract, and once that index is met according to the applicable dataset, the client receives a rapid payout.

It’s that simple.

Arbol’s platform aims to bring transparency and efficiency to the weather risk market. Moreover, at a lower cost to you. So that you can focus on what is important! Growing your business. In addition, knowing that certain risks are accounted for.

With Arbol, you will never have to worry about a drawn out claims process ever again. 

Furthermore, our platforms processes your payout automatically. When the threshold for loss in your contract is met.

Regardless of the size of your business. Or the category of weather risk, Arbol can provide a hassle free coverage experience tailored to your needs, and at a competitive price.

Furthermore, Arbol’s core strength is our talented and experienced senior leadership team. Our team consists of highly skilled experts with extensive expertise across several industries including data, technology, insurance, commodities, AI, and parametric products. They bring with them decades of combined executive experience and invaluable institutional knowledge from their respective fields.

In conclusion, we are excited to see what the future holds for this awesome and innovative company. Lastly, we will keep our eyes on Arbol!


Arbol Weather Insurance