AI Students : AI Is Changing Student Life: Pros And Cons

AI Students : AI Is Changing Student Life: Pros And Cons

AI Students : It is almost impossible to find a human activity that does not make use of it. The education industry is no exception. Furthermore, the digitalization of educational processes significantly simplifies tutors’ work and improves students’ cognitive skills. Despite having so many advantages, Al is still the subject of many debates because it has some disadvantages.

AI Students : Artificial intelligence (Al) continues to permeate our lives and activities. It has already transformed the education of students and become a helpful aid for students’ education. There are dozens of courses, which fully ground on the use of Al, its capabilities, and functions without the presence of human tutors. Does it mean that in the near future, it will completely replace them?

AI Students : Top 7 Pros of Al: Reasons To Make Use Of It

So, what are the benefits that have made Al so popular nowadays?

AI Students : Time-efficiency

Al reduces the time needed for the performance of many operations. For example, translation. Machine translation is widely used for processing large volumes of data in a short period.

Virtual reality education

It is often used in aviation education, where Al creates an environment simulating real-world conditions for students to train in.

Control and prediction

Al is capable of performing a variety of tasks, including the review of tests and essays and the prediction of academic performance.

Provision of logically structured information

Gone are the days when students sat in libraries poring over dozens of books to write an essay or paper. Al provides modern students with access to the latest data sources and Best Writers Online review services, allowing them to obtain the necessary information.

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Why Distance Learning Is The Way Of The Future

Personalized learning

Al provides the option of personalizing the curriculum (adaptive training) based on students’ abilities and performance.

Distance learning

Al enables the replacement of face-to-face classes with adaptive courses with personal information assistants. Furthermore, it provides students from different countries to get education from the university they want.

Can replace human tutors

Al-based learning systems (e.g., AutoTutor) can imitate a human teacher’s behaviour. Based on a variety of data, they analyze not only academic performance but also hypothesize the quality of past classes and create individual (personal) curricula, which consider the strengths and weaknesses of each student as well as the gaps in his knowledge. Such systems are effective when there is a lack of well-trained human tutors needed for teaching big groups of students.

Top 6 Cons of Al: Reasons To Be Skeptical About Its Use

Jay Crownover once said: “There was no good without the bad.” While Al has many benefits, it also has a number of drawbacks that should not be overlooked:


The introduction of new technologies into any field of human activity is always costly. Furthermore, its software requires regular updating, maintenance, and repair to function properly. Aside from that, the introduction of new technologies may significantly raise the cost of education at private educational institutions.

Contributes to unemployment

A lot of educational establishments practice using two tutors (or a tutor and an assistant) in one class. Automation of a learning process leads to a decrease in the number of such assistants and an increase in unemployment.

Occasional breakdowns

Technologies are not ideal. Occasional breaks often happen during a cognitive process, causing both tutors’ discomfort and loss of information.

Lack of personal interaction

Although modern education is digitalized, Al cannot replace personal interaction. For example, Al cannot be sure if all students learnt the material.


Al speeds up and simplifies many processes (e.g., calculations, building diagrams, translation). Excessive use of technologies might lead to strong dependence and a decrease in the need for advancing one’s own knowledge.

Al eliminates the uniformity of curricula of classical school education. Nevertheless, it is incapable of becoming a full-fledged substitute for a living teacher. The primary goal of education is the student’s comprehensive development, which also includes the formation of social ties and interaction with others.

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