AI Marketing : 5 Ways AI Is Shaping Modern Marketing

AI Marketing : 5 Ways AI Is Shaping Modern Marketing

AI Marketing : If you’ve not incorporated at least one tech advance into your marketing strategy, it’s time to do it as soon as possible. Marketing is a race, and having AI responsible for analysis, potential lead detection, ROI improvement, and other processes is like racing on a Bugatti at 300 mph. And if you still choose to do it old-school, you won’t catch up.

Artificial Intelligence is especially important nowadays. Due to quarantine, people are spending more time online. The user penetration increases month after month, and you have to be there with a friendly smile and a ready dialogue.

And most importantly, you have to be there at the right moment, when the person is ready to consider buying something. It’s difficult to target leads with precision due to all kinds of ad personalization techniques. But AI will do it.

How about finding out when your potential client is in a good mood by voice recognition and making an offer just at that time?

This and other 4 ways Artificial Intelligence is shaping modern marketing, you will find in this article.

#1: Predictive analysis for purchase pattern forecasting

AI uses predictive analysis by capturing an enormous amount of data, looking for patterns, and creating forecasts. A machine can see a pattern in gigabytes of data in several minutes, while a person would have to spend months going through every bit, struggling to see similarities.

Predictive analysis is so precise that back in 2012, Target was able to predict a teen buyer’s pregnancy just by her buying habits. She didn’t know she was expecting at the time, but Target did.

This story alone is proof of the effectiveness of this method, as well as the need for some human control when it comes to using the power of technology.

#2: Chatbots to improve customer experience and give a feeling of 1-on-1 conversation

Most marketing strategies strive to have a one-on-one conversation with potential buyers. Talking to a wide target audience about the benefits of your product isn’t a “personalized experience”. But chatbots can give a sense of that.

Here’s what you can communicate to every individual customer:

  • Answers to the most popular questions or a redirect to a human operator who can help;
  • Product presentation;
  • Help with the choice of product or service according to the customer’s needs;
  • Gathering feedback easily.

Last year, an international oil and gas company called Shell launched a chatbot named Shelly (easy, chic, and makes the company name known). In a pleasant conversation, Shelly helped customers to choose improvements for their car models.

As a result, customer engagement has surged and the operational costs were cut by up to 30%. So, basically, the company got more for less by just relying on AI for talking to people.

#3: Deep learning for better recognition of various objects

Deep learning helps machines to recognize images, voice, text, etc. by analyzing their patterns. This can become a major breakthrough because those who have the information have the power.

Usually, when you need to process millions of images and categorize them, you need a team that will work 24/7 for months. By using AI, it takes less than a day if the machine is trained. In 2018, it became known that Facebook was training their AI to recognize images and humans/objects on them using Instagram pictures.

AI Investing

Deep learning can become an amazing contribution to predictive tech improvement other businesses can use to analyze and figure out user behavior.

#4: Voice recognition to find out the mood of the buyer and offer products accordingly

Voice recognition can do wonders for almost any business. It’s not only convenient as a communication manner but as an instrument to read the mood. According to a person’s mood, they have different cravings and needs.

For example, by implementing such technology at gas stations, you can make it easier for people to order services and goods and explain what they need. This makes the process faster, and you can cater to the needs even the customers might not know about yet.

Plus, such communication will establish a new level of relationships between the clients and the brand. It will feel more personal, which is what modern marketing is going towards. And the perk of AI tech is that it’s learning while working, so the results will be only better in the future.

#5: Big data to improve your loyalty programs 

Before launching a loyalty program, you need to gather enormous volumes of data about your customers. No offer will work if it’s not suitable for your target audience. And while surveys are good, more information is needed. AI is here to help again with its capabilities of big data processing. 

To analyze such amounts of info, find patterns, and derive strategies from them, humans would need months and companies – thousands of dollars for labor. And just as anything in the business world, loyalty offers have to evolve by utilizing tech.

Your program has to become a relationship with every customer, and according to Jesse Wolfersberger of Maritz Motivation Solutions, Artificial Intelligence is the main moving factor in this change.

There was research done by the company with the HSBC customer rewards initiative that showed just how deeper, faster, and more precise the AI analysis is. A better understanding of customer needs and behavior will help to create a perfect program. On the other side, big data check assists in detecting and handling loyalty points fraud, which is great for any business.

Last but not the least, AI helps brand marketing through ambassador programs that offer points for public positive feedback.

Incorporate AI into your marketing strategy ASAP

The idea of AI has been around since the 1950s. Nowadays, technology can recognize the human voice, text, binary code, and even X-ray images. In the plethora of functions, there has to be at least one that will help you improve your marketing strategies and ROI.

You can learn how to get paid backlinks safely, properly use SEO, monetize any website, and sell literally anything. However, outsourcing and automating some of these processes will leave you only with the main focus of your business. If it’s rebranding, give your full attention to it. If it’s selling twice as much this year, focus on finding a team of digital marketers and designers that will make it happen. 

There’s a lot to do when you have a company at any stage of development. And if you want the best results, it’s crucial to incorporate AI and other tech and services into your business operation.

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