Ai Machine Learning Deep Learning Future

Ai Machine Learning Deep Learning Future

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Ai Machine Learning Deep Learning Future Artificial intelligence not only elevates our living standard but also provides solutions for decision-making.

Artificial intelligence, especially weak artificial intelligence, is already serving every aspect of people’s lives and creating value.

For example, Siri, the voice assistant on the phone, involves how the machine can understand human intention and find the appropriate data on the Internet to respond.

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In shopping scenarios, such as Amazon’s unmanned supermarket, facial recognition can tell whether you have shopped before, so as to make targeted recommendations to bring you a better shopping experience.

In daily life, the latest sweeping robot not only uses the visual system, but also needs the processing of various sensor information on the device, so as to find obstacle avoidance routes in a complex home environment.

Furthermore, besides the tangible artificial intelligence. What attracts me the most is its ability to help people make decisions and predictions. Furthermore, finance can be greatly changed by AI. Mainly because its logic is very complex. Moreover, the human mind is not suitable for dealing with a high complexity system. In recent years, algorithmic trading has been extensively researched.

In financial markets, weakness of human character often results in fatal mistakes, to chase the winner and cut the loser. 

Greed and fear, like the devil, can make you lose everything in an instant. But the algorithm does not have any of these human defects. It is stable and ruthless at all times, collects all the information, and plays the cards according to the principle. Although current algorithms cannot accurately predict the financial crisis. It does not mean that algorithms can do worse than humans when dealing with similar problems. For example, algorithms can use reinforcement learning to accurately calculate how to stop losses. When certain behaviors occur in the stock market.

In conclusion, if the product before AI is a machine, then the product in the AI era is more like a living thing. People may still have concerns about the development of artificial intelligence and wonder whether artificial intelligence is a Pandora’s box full of disasters or a high-speed train to help development. However, the exploration of artificial intelligence is endless and will eventually change the world.

Ai Machine Learning Deep Learning Future