Ai is Stepping into Weather

Ai is Stepping into Weather

Ai is Stepping into Weather AI systems can help predict the time, intensity, and range of a storm, which could save the lives of citizens that live in areas with risks of severe weather.

A number of the largest tech companies are venturing into applying AI to weather, including IBM’s recent partnership with the Weather Company.

But, AI is already making a difference today in the US state of Maryland!

Take Ellicott City for example – using AI allows the residents to have an understanding of when a storm may hit.

Giving residents the needed time to evacuate from a potentially dangerous area.

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Moreover, on May 27 of 2018, a rainstorm killed one person in Ellicott City, and caused floods that tossed around cars.

The National Weather Service believed that a storm like this would appear once every 1,000 years.

And, in response to this storm, Ellicott City upgraded their defense against storms.

Microsoft and the University of Vermont generated a map from aerial imagery with the help of artificial intelligence.

Moreover, it shows objects as small as 3 feet square, roughly 1,000 times more precise than the maps that flood planners previously used.

In conclusion, the program, which cost $3.5 million and took a year to make, will eventually offer “live dashboards.” And, automated alerts will serve as a warning system when new development threatens to overwhelm storm water management capacity.

Lastly, with this new technology, many lives will be saved as storms will be predicted earlier. And early warning systems will be able to evacuate citizens before they are taken by floods, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Ai is Stepping into Weather Written by Albert Daniel Shub, Edited by Rachel Weissman & Alexander Fleiss

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