AI Investment Fund

AI Investment Fund

AI Investment Fund : Rebellion Research has managed our Global Equity AI Investment Fund since the beginning of January, 2007. The AI has produced portfolios that consist of 80 to 120 diversified global equities with an overall portfolio beta similar to the S&P 500.

The Ai that powers our AI Investment Fund is a type of Bayesian Network that monitors data pertaining to the global economy, individual company fundamentals, industrial data & much much more.

Our idea is to create an “Economic Radar” in our Artificial Intelligence. This “Economic Radar” can create diversified portfolios that are able to avoid troublesome economic pockets.

Our Ai prefers larger companies with market capitalizations between ten and fifty billion dollars. With an aim of finding stocks that will outperform the market, but with considerably less risk than an average stock that might have high return potential.

We look for companies that have strong individual fundamentals. Earnings and revenue metrics along with cash flow and earnings ratios that are favorable when compared to competitors.

Furthermore these investments must rely in economically strong countries. Because if a baseline currency falls then it won’t matter how strong the stock’s earnings perform. As the denominator of value will fall.

So to make an actual trade we need to identify a financially strong company, that compares well to its peers while being in a nation that has good prospects. The AI might love Sony, but if Japan is having trouble with their economy, then Sony will have to be avoided.

Our Ai is concerned with economics, currencies, endless amounts of data, but most importantly risk. Risk that the investment will blow up. Risk that money will be lost. Protecting assets is the number one goal, then after we have safely been a steward of your assets, alpha will be a priority only then.

Safety is of paramount concern.

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