AI in the Times of COVID-19: How Artificial Intelligence is Helping in Curbing the Spread of the Virus

AI in the Times of COVID-19: How Artificial Intelligence is Helping in Curbing the Spread of the Virus

AI in the Times of COVID-19 : As the world continues to grapple with the virus and people try to make it through each day of this living nightmare, the world’s scientific team and researchers, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, have gone into overdrive to find the definitive solution to the COVID-19 crisis. The world has dealt with pandemics and epidemics before. However, a pandemic of this sort is perhaps the first of its kind and struck us without any warning or foreboding. However, technology, and more specifically AI, has made navigating these grueling times easier on us. Artificial Intelligence has been working relentlessly to understand the nature of the virus and find a solution that will help curb the spread of misinformation along with the virus. AI has always helped us in living the best of our lives. From helping us find resources like how do i screenshot on a mac to help us optimize our new MacBooks to rolling out vaccines to fight a pandemic, AI has done it all and more.

We already have a few vaccines in place and a hoard of technological innovations fueled by AI that is helping us mitigate the crisis. However, it is perhaps safe to assert that AI is on a ceaseless journey to assist humans in breaking the limitations of their knowledge and better prepare them to fight the COVID-19 crisis. Having said that, in the article that we have put together today, we shall look at the ways in which Artificial Intelligence is trying to abate the crisis and flatten the curve. From healthcare innovations to fueling online education, AI is not only curbing the spread of the virus but also making this incredibly difficult time easier for us. Therefore, without further ado, let us read through the following sections of the article to better understand the role of AI in the times of COVID-19 and enlighten ourselves.

AI is Helping in Understanding the Nature of the Virus and Tracking the Same:

A Canadian AI company called BlueDot was the first to alert the world of the imminent coronavirus pandemic soon after the first case was reported in China. The program that worked on the principles of Artificial Intelligence was designed to predict any infectious disease on the radar and track how and where it spread too. Before the pandemic hit our lives, the program was used to look for pieces of evidence of emerging viruses and diseases. BlueDot analyzes more than 100,000 reports on a daily basis, and that too in many different languages. Once it is done with the analysis, it sends out these report to the health care institutions, government and business organizations to alert them of any imminent danger.

On a generic note, Artificial Intelligence has come up with several programs, apps, software and tools that help in the tracking of viruses and how they are spread among people. Contact-tracing smartphones and apps were rolled out as soon as the pandemic struck us and woke us up from our slumber. These contact-tracing mobiles work on the principles of AI and make it easy for government officials and health care employees to track those who are infected by the virus. Plus, AI has also collaborated with other types of technology to flag the possibility of people carrying the virus. These features of AI have made it possible to prevent the spread of the virus to a significant extent.

AI is Taking the Workload Off the Shoulders of Hospital Staff and Helping in Image Scan Analysis:

One of the biggest impediments to fighting the virus effectively is lack of adequate testing and scanning potential carriers of the virus. Countries that use programs fueled by AI have been successful in flattening the curve to quite an extent. Plus, there are not enough health care professionals who can go about conducting enough tests in most countries. AI has stepped right into the picture, and how! Programs that run on AI are helping in analyzing the test reports and conducting the same. Hence, this is reducing the bulk of work on hospital staff and also speeding up the process of testing and analysis. Plus, AI is also helping with other types of testing like chest X-rays and scanning. These tests hint at abnormalities in the lungs due to COVID-19 and allow early diagnosis.

AI is Helping in Curbing the Spread of Misinformation Related to COVID-19:

If there is anything more dangerous than the virus itself, then that is the misinformation about the virus. Ever since we started living through the pandemic, we have been inundated with rumors, myths, fake news and false information about the same. Most of these are WhatsApp forwards, and social media platforms have become a cesspool for these sorts of information. AI has served as a welcome relief in this situation and helped save the day. Technology fueled by AI scans through the pieces of information and restricts the spread of the ones that are utterly false. This has helped in managing the panic about the pandemic in people and brought the truth to light. With the help of AI, people now know what the real situation is and can thus, make informed decisions based on the same. Therefore, by dispelling rumors and helping us tell the lie from the truth, AI has made this incredibly difficult phase a little easier on us.

Summing Up:

Artificial Intelligence has done it all. It has helped us learn more about the virus, track the same and instill in us the hope that this rough phase can be dealt with well. Researchers and health care professionals are still using AI to find better solutions to this crisis and help people live a better life even amidst all the hullabaloo. It is now just a wait of time to see what else AI does in managing a crisis of this scale and reducing the number of cases around the world.

AI in the Times of COVID-19: How Artificial Intelligence is Helping in Curbing the Spread of the Virus by Gaby Alexander

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