Italy’s Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Future

Italy’s Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Future

Artificial Intelligence in Italy with Deep Learning Italia Chairman Matteo Testi

Italy’s Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Future What is the future of Artificial Intelligence in Italy? Moreover, what is the future of the overall Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning and technology scene?

Firstly, Italy has invested heavily in a number of universities across the country. Moreover, these universities have been quick to install Artificial Intelligence curriculums in their academic programs.

Secondly, the quickness of Italy’s universities in rolling out an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning curriculum has led to a surplus of engineers. Furthermore, there are not anywhere near enough jobs to meet the labor demands. So you have a country investing heavily in education. As a result Italy has tons of well educated engineers, with few options.

Thirdly, becoming an entrepeneur in Italy is close to impossible. In a country known for having far too many laws and lawyers. Moreover, getting all the approvals and bureaucratic steps taken care of that are necessary can take anywhere from months to years. Furthermore, what young student or budding entrepreneur has the extra capital on hand to spend on legal nonsense.

Italy’s Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Future

In conclusion, Italian engineers should enjoy their government funded education, but then book the first Ryan Airlines flight out of there for a country that has jobs. For instance, China or America. Italian engineers make for great employees and maybe with Covid can find remote positions. Moreover, remote positions that will pay higher than the sixty thousand Euros that a veteran Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Programmer will make in Italy.

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In conclusion, Italy might be one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. Moreover, the most beautiful maybe even? But, its Ai future has a long long road to travel!