Ai And Machine learning

Ai And Machine learning

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Ai And Machine learning : As technologies continue to advance, more and more fields and buzzwords start to pop up around the subject. Often terms such as ‘artificial intelligence’ and ‘machine learning’ are used interchangeably, sparking much confusion. This paper will look to differentiate these two terms and bring some clarity to what they actually mean.

Artificial intelligence was coined back in the 1950s, when the first academic conference convened to discuss the rising possibility of ‘smart’ computers.

On a pure definition level, artificial intelligence refers to any computer system that has the ability to replicate the way humans think or operate using a multitude of tools such as logic and if-then rules. Thus, anything from a virtual travel booking agent to a self-driving vehicle can be defined as an artificial intelligence. As long as a computer is able to make decisions that mimic the way humans make decisions, it can be categorized under the more general term of artificial intelligence.

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The term machine learning popped up a couple years after artificial intelligence, and can be categorized as one of the tools that artificial intelligence uses. A more literal definition is that machine learning refers to whenever a computer uses data and experience to improve at tasks.

One great example of machine learning is a recommendation engine — services such as Google and Netflix learn your interests by collecting your data from what you search and watch, and using this information have personalized recommendations for you as an individual.

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