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Add Ai To Your Interactive Brokers Account

Add Ai To Your Interactive Brokers Account

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning / Trading and Investing

17 Years of Artificial Intelligence Powered S&P 500 Outperformance!

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To link an Interactive Brokers account with Rebellion Research:

Log into Account Management

1 Click on Manage Account

    2 Click on Link Account 

    3 Click on Advisor

    Then there will be 3 options, please Click on Option #1): Link entire account

    Then put in our firm information:

    Firm Name: Rebellion Research Advisors, LP

    Account Id: F1131325

    Then you Click Confirm.


    Why choose Ai Machine Learning investing over human wealth management?


    1% Flat Fee

    Highly Tax Efficient

    Our smart index sells losing trades and holds on to winning trades creating tax losses both in bad years and in good years when we have seen double digit returns.

    Highly Liquid

    Our smart index can be liquidated within seconds and your money wired out of your managed brokerage account within minutes. With 24/7 access to your account and the ability to link your brokerage account with your bank account, deposits and withdrawals can happen immediately. No hurdles, no lockup.

    Why Machine Learning?

    We are at the forefront of Machine Learning investing and Artificial Intelligence-based asset management.

    As a Registered Investment Advisor, we manage investments in a wide range of assets across the globe. We are not trying to replace human beings, but believe a Machine Learning Investment makes sense for everyone!

    Our technology allows us to process an extremely diverse set of information, basing its analysis on many hand-selected, macroeconomic, fundamental, technical and more traditional factors like growth, value, momentum, and etc. The A.I. uses its performance predictions along with knowledge of the volatility and interrelationships among stocks to create a portfolio that balances risk and expected return. This analysis, which typically defies even the largest team of analysts, is performed with scientific rigor transcending the pitfalls of human emotion. Bayesian statistics serve as the backbone of our artificial intelligence-based investment software, providing a flexible framework that enables us to automatically integrate the new data available each day with prior market knowledge in order to predict stock performance.

    About Us

    Our firm was started by three mathematicians convinced they could find alpha by using machine learning for long-term Investing. The Machine Learning Investing system takes into account a diverse set of factors, ranging from economics covering 53 countries to individual stock prices, to create an optimized portfolio that beats the global equity markets. It took a few years to build and research, and development was our primary focus until 2007, when the system was ready to be tested live. This marked the birth of Rebellion Research.

    At the time, the firms using machine learning to make investment choices were primarily high frequency trading shops looking to make very short-term investments. This is where Rebellion Research differentiates itself from the competition. We use our machine learning system to choose solid assets that we may hold for 3 months or for 3 years. Furthermore, we aren’t looking for short-term profits, but for a long-term approach to investing. We aren’t a firm wedded to one investment strategy either; we take into account factors from various theories to create a robust strategy composed of value, momentum, and growth stocks that makes tactical adjustments based on predictions for the global economy.

    At Rebellion Research, we combine the academic passion of a think tank with the analytic processing power of machines.

    When we got started developing our strategy and forming Rebellion Research, we really wanted to create a long-term business. The founders each brought something unique to the table. That kind of collaborative creativity is what has allowed our hobby to become a business. Investing is difficult and there is no proven method to succeed, so we want to find and share a better approach.

    Our Machine Learning technology allows us to fuse traditional and economic investing, while covering an extremely diverse set of assets in 44 countries. This kind of analysis would normally require an enormous team of analysts, who would inevitably be biased by human emotions and doubt; our automated quantitative system is efficient and free from fear and greed. Our Artificial Intelligence is continually learning, updating its knowledge of the signals that lead to outperformance. With this cutting-edge technology, we believe Rebellion is at the forefront of bringing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-based management to investors.

    This speaks to two points of conversation in financial services:

    1. We aren’t vulnerable to the human factors that drag results.

    2. We don’t become scared and sell when everyone else is selling.

    We sell when our system indicates there is a better asset to hold for our clients. Investor behavior is a huge topic – the typical investor doesn’t benefit from even a basic index because they let their emotions affect their decision-making. They get greedy when markets are going up and buy on the upswing, and get nervous when things look less stable and sell on down turns. Systematic strategies don’t have these reactions.

    24/7 Access To Your Money & Account

    As we’ve grown and progressed as a firm, we’ve opened a Registered Investment Advisory with the ability to manage individual AI-run separately managed brokerage accounts in 73 countries around the world. This means that clients can invest in our strategies without having to meet the financial requirements and restrictions of a hedge fund. It also means that all investors own their own positions: every client can see and follow his or her holdings, and every holding is in the client’s name. We’ve also adapted our system to allow for various strategies to meet our clients’ needs. Lastly, Rebellion Research continues to evolve and improve as it provides a different approach to investing.

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    Add Ai To Your Interactive Brokers Account