Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) Offers $100,000 Prize For Best Causal Research

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) Offers $100,000 Prize For Best Causal Research

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The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority has embraced quantitative investing in a major way. In a New York Yankees-esque maneuver, the Authority has hired Legendary Quant Professor Marcos Lopez de Prado to become ADIA’s Global Head of Quantitative R&D, legendary Quant Professor Alex Lipton to become Global Head, Quantitative R&D and lastly, the legendary Charles-Albert Lehalle to also become Global Head – Quantitative Research & Development at ADIA.

de Prado

Now the Investment Authority is trying to make major waves in academia by offering a prize for research in Causality.

$100,000 USD to the winner! Whomever can produce the best research in causality for investing.

Fields Medal Winner & legendary Bayesian Machine Learning Godfather Judea Pearl has told Rebellion Research he too is a believer in Causal Research now over Bayesian Machine Learning.

Lopez de Prado said this of the competition:

“The majority of journal articles in the investment literature make associational claims, instead of proposing falsifiable causal theories. As a result, the investment literature can be described as a collection of anecdotal empirical evidence, undermined by p-hacking, backtest overfitting, and reproducibility problems. To become a science, investing must first embrace causal reasoning.
To help correct this, ADIA Lab has launched its Award for Causal Research in Investments. ADIA Lab will award USD 100,000 to the authors of three papers that help advance the use of causal inference in investing.”

ADIA Call For Papers

ADIA posted:

“ADIA Lab, the independent research institute dedicated to basic and applied research in data and computational sciences, commenced operations today, the 51st National Day of the UAE. As part of its launch, the Lab announced the composition of its Advisory Board, the details of its first academic collaborations, and launched a US$ 100,000 research award.
ADIA Lab is supported by the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), and operates as an independent, standalone entity with broad research goals that are not specific to investment-related applications. From its base in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the Lab explores the latest trends and technologies in data and computational science across all major fields of study.
For more information on ADIA Lab, please visit: News & Events — ADIA Lab

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) Offers $100,000 Prize For Best Causal Research