How Close Is Autonomous AI? A Thank You Note To Argo Ai

How Close Is Autonomous AI? A Thank You Note To Argo Ai


Wednesday, October 26th was a tough one at Argo AI as it is winding down its operations. The only news one would want to share after joining a startup is how the product is helping people and creating value. This was certainly my hope too when I joined Argo AI four months ago, though the news is disappointing today. 

Having said that, I was also aware of the risks when I made my decision. Sometimes startups can’t find additional funding. Sometimes, the technology takes longer than anticipated.

As a person who pays a lot of attention (much more than I should) to financial markets and macroeconomy, it was clear that the climate would not be friendly. 

Also, I have been working on real-world AI applications for long enough now to know its limitations and how difficult it is – not just for self-driving cars, but also for many AI approaches that are yet to find profitable and sustainable real-world applications. 

And sure enough many articles came out right away where people are bragging about how they had been prophesying that this would not work. 

But that challenge is precisely what has been and is appealing to me. Working on things that are considered impossible by many. 

That is why I prefer to kick myself out of my comfort zone time and again.

This news is for sure disappointing for many of us. But as far as the challenge is there, so is the excitement. I am not sure about what the next steps are for me yet, but I will absolutely continue to chase challenges.

With that, I want to thank Argo AI and all the members of this amazing team for taking on such a difficult task. It has been a wonderful ride.

And it is this kind of courage that changes the future.

Written by Enes Bilgin

Machine Learning at Argo AI | Author of

2022 MIT AI Conference

How Close Is Autonomous AI? A Thank You Note To Argo Ai