9 Police Robots Patrolling Around the World

9 Police Robots Patrolling Around the World 

As we hear about police brutality and biased attitudes among police officers, one can easily envision a law enforcement individual who would meet every possible requirement.

Such a person would have to be like a skilled robot. Speaking of technology, the use of robot officers powered by AI systems has become more popular than ever. From multi-lingual robots to those that work as prison guards, human rights activists are not really happy with their achievements. However, these police robots patrolling around the world can report things much faster and without any bias. If it can sense a fight or suspect the crime, it reports it. 

9 Police Robots Around The World Worth Mentioning 

1. Cleveland’s Police “Griffin”. 

This robot originally became constructed by a local community college student. In addition, designed to explore the places and the narrow passages where police cannot fit. For example, possessing an ability check under the car or any location. Where explosives may be hidden. Thus, equipped with a camera and light, which makes it possible to monitor the situation from the distance. 

2. Desert Wolf’s Drones in India

These specific drones are built to attack the crowds (riots) with the help of pepper sprays and paintballs. It was manufactured by South Africa’s famous “Desert Wolf” company. The police can control the drone from the ground and it also has onboard speakers that can communicate with the crowds. It makes it necessary to implement correct phrases and translations of messages. The use of appropriate phrasing and dialects plays a vital role. You can check TheWordPoint to find out more about linguistic matters and why every talkative drone must implement accurately adjusted text.  

3. South Korea’s Prison Guards

These guard robots have 3D cameras and special software installed to recognize any unusual inmate behavior. It creates special reports and sends them out right away. The robots also possess 2-way radios.

Furthermore, these are peaceful machines in all regards. Police departments tend to love them.

4. Israel’s Dogo

This robot packs a 9mm Glock pistol and can fire up to five rounds in 2 seconds. Furthermore, designed to combat terrorism, it is equipped with eight cameras, audio streams, and many other maneuver features that allow it to enter some buildings quietly. In addition, it can also carry non-lethal weapons like a dazzling light module to defeat the attackers. 

5. The Bat Cat in L.A. 

The largest entry on our list, this huge robot has a 50-foot telescopic arm that allows it to work in remote locations and discover explosives or tear down the walls in critical situations. However, it is not only meant to deal with massive explosives as it is also used in various construction works. 

6. Dubai’s Lingual Robot. 

This robot can communicate in Arabic and English at the moment but the creators are planning to add even more languages so tourists from all over the world can report crimes and communicate with this helpful police robot. It will also include clever localization tools that will help people find relevant information by asking a robot a question in their language. You can check out IsAccurate to find out more about how localization works and why it is vital in critical situations. 

7. Japan’s Drone Against Drones. 

Some drones in Japan are actually meant to fight drones that fly over sensitive government locations. While it may seem a bit odd to use drones against their counterparts, this method is relatively safe. For example, the Netherlands uses trained eagles to fight drones, which is far from being safe and ethically correct!

The Japanese drone police fleet is always human-controlled. 

8. Peaceful Robots in Brazil. 

These first debuted during Olympic Games to find explosives and inspect suspicious packages. As the military technology, it has been mostly safe and proved successful in a demanding environment. 

9. Poland’s Tactical Bots

This robot can be literally thrown into the buildings or dropped from the roof to let it explore the scene by using the camera, built-in microphone, and light. It weighs less than four pounds and has a control panel that allows police officers to control the bot remotely. With real police lights moreover, some of the most aggressive lights produced.

The Ethical Side 

Without a doubt, the most famous case roaming the news relates to an armed robot with explosives sent to attack the gunman. At the same time, it cannot be denied that robots have been helpful in numerous situations during natural disasters and earthquakes. The moral question is whether we have a right to use robots to kill. It brings up numerous questions that are not only ethical as they are bordering the scope of the military operations and the special training. Since the police operations are not military combat, the issue still remains open.

9 Police Robots Patrolling Around the World In conclusion, written by Charlotte Banks is a freelance blogger and an educator. Furthermore, she mostly blogs about education-related topics, including tips for teachers, students, and parents. Lastly, she’s also one of the writers at Writing Universe and an experienced essayist.

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