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8 Safety Tips for Playing Online Casino Games in Europe

8 Safety Tips for Playing Online Casino Games in Europe


Playing online casino games is an excellent source of entertainment, and more and more Europeans turn to it as one of their favourite pastimes. However, just like with anything else related to the world wide web, safety should remain the leading concern during each game session. As users are presented with more operators than ever, it is important to learn how to make responsible choices and stay away from unreliable platforms. That is why we compiled an extensive list of tips that will help you stay safe and secure during online gambling.

Find Trustworthy Operators

Before you get involved with web-based gambling, put some effort into the selection of the right operator to join. First and foremost, you should avoid doing business with unlicensed websites that haven’t been approved by any of the industry’s leading regulatory bodies. When it comes to European providers, the most reputable ones are licensed by one of the following regulatory bodies: Malta Gaming Authority, The UK Gambling Commission, and Curacao E-Gaming. 

All licensed businesses proudly showcase such information somewhere on the website, usually in the footer and on the About page. The fact that an operator holds some sort of accreditation means that they are obliged to follow certain rules and regulations, especially when it comes to the safety of user information. Unauthorized platforms have no standards to uphold, and you are more likely to experience fraud if you join one of them. 

Read Reliable Reviews

Checking the reputation of an online gambling site is another great way to make sure you’re getting involved with a reputable provider. Luckily for all fans of gambling out there, this can be done in a fast and convenient way thanks to reliable review platforms that present the users with a collection of casino operators, rated and listed. The operators are rated based on relevant criteria, including their overall safety, and if you take a moment to read about their key features, you will be able to compare your top choices and make an educated decision that will keep your data safe long-term. 

This type of research should not be rushed, since it will give you valuable information about the factual pros and cons of every operator. Also, whenever you come across a provider that seems interesting, you can turn to online reviews that will instantly tell you if there are any major concerns you should be aware of. 

Check for Security Measures

Since online gambling involves the disclosure of both personal and financial information, it is extremely important for users to know that it won’t be misused or accessed by unwanted third parties. Nowadays, data breaches and other cybercrimes continue to thrive thanks to the weakness of security systems used by a large number of websites. To prevent your personal data from falling into the hands of the wrong individuals, you need to make sure you’re sharing it only with the platforms with strong security measures in place. 

The first thing you need to do here is to check whether the operator uses data encryption which is a system designed to prevent the transfer of data to any unauthorized persons. The easiest way to check whether the data will be encrypted is to look for the website’s SSL certificate. If the site’s URL begins with HTTPS instead of HTTP, it means that the information is secured by an SSL certificate. 

On top of that, check for an additional safety layer such as two-factor authentication which is now offered by many operators. Basically, before any of the transactions are authorized, the platform will ask you to verify your identity. That way, you won’t have to worry about someone using your account information to make unauthorized transactions in your name. 

Look for Player Protection Tools

Every online casino game you get involved with should be controlled by a random number generator which ensures fairness and provides each player with equal chances of winning. RNG is actually an algorithm created by software development companies in order to ensure a truly random outcome for every move made during the course of each game. In other words, the use of RNGs duplicates the randomness that you experience playing against other individuals in a land-based venue. In order for RNGs to function properly, they need to be tested by external auditing companies on a regular basis. The leading auditors such as eCOGRA work hard to prove whether the games are truly random or not. 

However, it is important to note that the best online operators also conduct regular audits of their money storage protocols and payment procedures. Thanks to such detailed checks, the auditors can spot even the smallest safety issues that may arise. Therefore, if you find a website that showcases a seal of approval provided by a reputable auditor, you can rest assured that your funds will be safe and secure. 

Secure Your Own Devices

Even though the overall safety is largely in the hands of the operator, there are still some things you can take care of in order to improve it. Working on the security level of your smartphone and other devices will add an extra layer of protection to the whole gaming experience. For instance, it is very important that you regularly update your phone. Even though this may not sound like a significant task, you should know that each download of new software versions also updates the system’s security features. If you are planning to be a mobile player, you should reinforce your phone’s safety with the latest security improvements. Also, consider protecting your phone with fingerprint scanning. That way no one else but you will be able to unlock the device and access private apps and other sensitive data including your online casino accounts. 

Explore Software and Game Options

In order to keep your funds safe and protect yourself from fraudulent websites, you should only work with operators that source the games from the leading software providers. Before you sign up with a particular site, try to find proof of affiliation with some of the best developers such as Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, BetSoft, Real Time Gaming, and others. The products developed by these industry giants promise safety and fairness for all users. Even though the house over has some sort of advantage over the users, you should do whatever you can to avoid losing your money because of unfair conditions. 

Learn About Deposit and Payout Options

Before you decide to load funds into your online casino account, go over the payment options supported by the platform, as well as the rules that govern their use. Reliable operators that care about the user experience offer several different banking options which also say a lot about their trustworthiness. Therefore, once you spot a reputable provider, you will notice it includes various methods such as credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, wire transfers, e-wallets, and maybe even cryptocurrencies. Seeing such a broad selection of options is a clear indicator of a reputable business. 

Next, you should check the conditions behind the deposit and payout processes. As a regular user, you need to be aware of all the potential fees that may arise from each of the transactions you make. Also, make sure you’re aware of the payout times provided by the platform. If you find out that the operator takes too long to transfer winnings to user accounts, that is probably not a casino you would like to join. Fast and efficient transactions are another indicator of a fair gambling environment. 

Test the Quality of Customer Support

The quality of customer support is one of the factors that can make or break your gaming experience. Even the best operators are prone to certain bugs and mistakes, and once an issue arises, you will want to have access to help as soon as possible, especially if the problem is related to data safety or finances. Great customer service is available to site members 24/7, and the users can reach the agents via several different channels of communication, including phone, email and live chat. In order to test the quality of the service provided, try reaching out to the support team with a particular question in mind. As you communicate with the agent, ask for clear instructions on how to solve the problem. Pay attention to the quality of the agent’s response, as well as their politeness and professionalism. If the initial contact with the staff makes you uncomfortable, that is not the operator you should join. On top of that, try sending an email as well, and see how long it takes the team to reply. 

Today’s online gambling sites can provide players with superior gaming experiences, thanks to a variety of new options and technologies. However, the development of new features also opens the doors to new safety risks that should be avoided by all means. Now that you learned all there is to know about safe gaming on European platforms, you are ready to pick an operator that will keep your personal data safe.

8 Safety Tips for Playing Online Casino Games in Europe