6 Reasons To Use Bot Detection and Mitigation Software In 2023

6 Reasons To Use Bot Detection and Mitigation Software In 2023

Cyber Security and Hacking


Bots make up almost two-thirds of the internet traffic, with bad bots causing about 40% of the total traffic. With the increase in technological trends, your business may not stand the test of time if you are not protecting it from malicious bots and cyberattacks.

One reliable bot mitigation strategy is including the right software in your security plans. This will prevent risks such as credential stuffing and brute force attacks and ensure your website and online applications are safe and secure.

Read on to find out what bot detection and mitigation software is and why you must use one in 2023.

What are bot detection and bot mitigation software

Bot detection and mitigation are beyond just recognizing bot traffic. They are about identifying and blocking the malicious and unnecessary bot traffic that hits your website or network. A safe and reliable way to achieve this is by adopting software that detects and mitigates bots.

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A bot and mitigation software recognizes bot activities and prevents malicious bots from creating any damage, while allowing good bots through without interruptions. They scrutinize bot behavior, categorize destructive bots and restrict them from interacting with websites and online applications to help you secure your network. 

6 reasons to use bot detection and mitigation software

A wide range of risks, like ad frauds, phishing, data harvesting, DDoS attacks, and account takeovers, that have adverse business effects are addressed when you employ bot detection and reduction software. Here are more reasons to use these software for your business.

  1. To prevent risk to your valuable data and online application


As a business owner, having sensitive information, such as your customer’s private information and credit and debit card details, is inevitable, especially with options like payment gateways. Unfortunately, this makes you an excellent target for bots and leaves your payment and checkout pages vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Therefore, many online businesses, especially new ones, must pay attention to the several ways bots affect their activities and focus their web security plans on preventing malicious bots from generating issues. Getting a bot detection software helps to avoid these problems for your business and offers solid protection across your online applications as quickly as possible.

  1. To save your business from fraud

In 2017, the economic losses due to bot fraud reached an estimated amount of $6.5 billion globally. This figure isn’t likely to reduce anytime soon due to the increase in the number of people using the internet. When thinking about detecting and preventing malicious bots, one huge consideration is the loss of money, valuable time, and other business resources that can result from several activities these bots carry out.

Likewise, the software, hardware, and network connections that support your business’s online activities are neither cheap nor free. As your organization grows, so will your cost of operations increase. Therefore, it’s imperative to keep ahead of attackers with cutting-edge software for detecting and reducing bots. This software will help your business maximize profit, save resources, and push down expenses that may have increased as a result of malicious bot attacks on your website.

  1. It provides accurate and real-time detection


Bot detection and mitigation software assess signals on a regular basis, thus offering the right protection at the right time. As opposed to only being shielded from bots when you are actively online, your business, networks, and websites are constantly protected round the clock, whether or not you are online or active.

The bot detection software assesses your network signals in real time and blocks the bad bots immediately. Similarly, it ensures that real users and good bots, such as Google bots, are never blocked.

  1. It helps to avoid making poor marketing decisions

Malicious bots are a menace to businesses. For example, cybercriminals can leverage malicious bots to create and dump shopping carts on eCommerce websites, thereby forming non-existent leads. Similarly, they can leverage these bots to commit click fraud, developing non-existent shoppers and pushing up advertising costs.

These crooked metrics often lead to the waste of valuable resources, reduction in business performance, and poor marketing decisions. However, these software offer you access to an analytics tool where you can get detailed and reliable analysis of your business activities and make informed marketing decisions. 

Additionally, utilizing bot mitigation software means you won’t need to dedicate much time managing your website’s security, leaving you free time to focus on other aspects of your business and boost productivity.    

  1. It protects your business’s reputation

It is not only monetary loss that is at stake with malicious bots and internet security threats. These bots can also steal and destroy your data as well as significantly slow down your website, giving your brand a bad reputation.

 However, instead of devoting long hours each week to looking over your data and avoiding attacks, this software protects your business’s reputation. It ensures the high safety of your site and online resources, making you less vulnerable to hackers and ensuring your website works at full capacity.

  1. It filters and blocks unnecessary bots


Not all bots cause disaster for your online business. Some are unnecessary and are used to scan websites for vulnerabilities to exploit. In this regard, bot detection and mitigation software help you block unnecessary bots, such as search engine web crawlers from countries you don’t offer your services to. The software also helps you determine whether a non-human visitor to your website is a good, bad, or necessary bot.

Top factors to consider before choosing any bot detection and mitigation software

A subpar software lacking in quality and quantity would mean losing real customers you’ve labored tirelessly whenever an attack happens. Therefore, when choosing a software to detect and reduce bots for your website, consider the factors below that prove the software’s capability to identify and manage sophisticated bot attacks.

  1. Fundamental features

Any enterprise-grade software for detecting and mitigating bots must always contain the necessary detection features to battle malicious bot attacks. These features include the following:

  • Intent-based deep behavioral analysis
  • Advanced cybersecurity and protection 
  • Third-party integration
  • Blacklist
  • Whitelist 
  • Fast processing
  • Automated process
  • Intuitive user experience 

These features ensure that your bot detection software offers your website and online application maximum security.

Furthermore, any bot software should easily apply relevant mitigation measures on some particular parts and categories of your site. They should also have an in-built reporting and analytics feature or seamlessly integrate with popular analytics dashboards, like Google Analytics, to provide reports that can help you make data-driven decisions.

  1. Speed and accuracy


The rise of highly robust human-like bots in recent years demands bot detection software with super speed, accuracy, and precision in detection, identification, and response.

Before you choose any software, focus your selection and evaluation measures on the diverse processes that any business solution uses to detect bots, e.g., behavioral analysis, device and browser fingerprinting, and other approaches. The solution should also be scalable to handle spikes in traffic in a short time.

Additionally, the accuracy of any bot mitigation software is critical. Good software should not only differentiate good bots from bad ones but also boost the customer experience and allow authorized bots from search engines and third parties.

  1. Large-scale detection ability

Dormancy on websites and online applications results in a poor user experience. Any software addressing bot issues shouldn’t contribute to that latency but rather should identify the problems and help resolve them. One such way is to keep false positives to a minimal level. There should also be a non-intrusive API-based integration capability that ensures minimal impact on your web data and information.

Additionally, in cases of advanced threats like large-scale global cyberattacks, substandard bot mitigation software lacking an adaptive understanding of the situation will result in the loss of loyal consumers. An excellent software should have deep-learning and self-optimizing capabilities to identify and constantly block evolving bots that adjust their features to bypass detection by basic security systems.

Use bot detection and mitigation software to protect and grow your business

If you run a business in 2023, preventing bots from concocting problems for you and your customers is a compulsory business procedure. The best way to achieve this is by embracing software that detects and mitigates bots for your business.

These software allow good bots to work, which direct traffic more efficiently while limiting access to malicious bots that infiltrate your online hub and steal valuable data. They also help you save business resources from fraud and protect your business’s reputation.

As you make up your mind to start using bot mitigation software today, ensure that they have the basic features like intuitive user experience, seamless third-party integration, and analysis function and offer large-scale detection.

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