5 Reasons Witnesses Are Important for Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

5 Reasons Witnesses Are Important for Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

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Motorcycles are a great mode of transportation, which gives the rider an adventurous experience. It is a very fun way to get around the city. The problem with motorcycles is the lack of security they offer.

An accident can be catastrophic for the motorcyclist due to this lack of safety. The motorcyclist can reduce the physical damage by wearing protective gear, but that is not the solution to the problem.

Wearing safety gear is important, but the focus should be on reducing accidents. Top motorcycle accident lawyers can help in this regard. The role of motorcycle accident lawyers is to obtain fair compensation for your losses and help you get your life back on track.

By holding the negligent party accountable for their actions, these lawyers help control motorcycle accidents.

As more and more people learn that their negligence will not go unpunished, they will start behaving as they should. They won’t breach the duty of care they owe to others.

Understanding motorcycle accident claims

There are some things you need to know before filing a claim. In a motorcycle accident claim, the plaintiff (You) bears the burden of proof.

It means you have the responsibility of proving the four elements of personal injury law:

  • Duty of care
  • Breach of duty of care
  • Causation
  • Damages
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To prove these elements, you will need evidence. One great piece of evidence is a witness statement. 

The importance of witness statements

A witness statement can help a case in many different ways.

Here are five reasons why witness statements are important to a motorcycle accident case:

  • They can establish fault
  • Unbiased statements
  • They can help fill the information gaps
  • Their testimony can accelerate the claim process
  • Support your claim

They can establish fault

Determining fault is one of the first things you need to prove in a personal injury case, regardless of the type.

A witness statement can help establish fault. Without witness statements, the case would be your words against theirs.

The witness would have seen the accident from a different perspective. So they can give a new perspective to the case and help determine fault.

Unbiased statements

The statements of the victim and the at-fault party will obviously be biased. Neither the police nor the judge will trust their statements blindly.

But a witness statement is different. They have no reason to give a biased opinion. They can be brutally honest, as there are no consequences.

Their statements will have more weight since they come from a third person.

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They can help fill the information gaps

An accident is a pretty traumatic event. The victim and the at-fault party may not remember the complete details of the accident. They might forget important information.

This information gap can complicate things, as no one would know what happened. 

A witness can help fill in these information gaps. An accident is traumatizing to those who are involved in it. Not to the witnesses. So they will remember the details of the accidents that can help the case.

Their testimony can accelerate the claim process

The motorcycle accident claim process is long. There are no shortcuts to reach the settlement stage directly. However, substantial evidence can accelerate the claim process.

A witness statement is a great piece of evidence that can significantly accelerate the claim process.

Support your claim

Without proper evidence supporting your claim, you will not win the case. 

When a witness gives a statement that matches your claim, it adds great support to your claim. This support can help your case greatly. Since a third party is supporting your claim, your case will get stronger.

Final thoughts

A motorcycle accident claim can be resolved quickly if you have substantial evidence. Witness statements can help you win cases. This is why it is important to speak with witnesses after an accident and get their contact information.