5 Online Courses to Improve Your Financial Grammar

5 Online Courses to Improve Your Financial Grammar

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5 Online Courses to Improve Your Financial Grammar Financial literacy is an important skill in the realities of the modern world. Absolutely everyone needs it, regardless of the place of work. Financial management can help you significantly improve the quality of your life and teach how to deal with everyday difficult situations.

Today the ICOholder team will tell you about several quality online financial literacy courses.

First, we will analyze the criteria by which you need to choose the course that suits you.

● The target audience for the course is finance specialists, adults without specialized education, adolescents or children;

● The availability of material regardless of the level of education and the main professional profile of the student;

● The expertise of the course teachers – qualified teachers, specialists with specialized education or no-names;

● The organizer or creator of the training program – a university, a financial company, a specialized ministry or department;

● Training format – only theory or with the addition of practice and feedback;

● The complexity of the program – does the training include sections on personal finance, banks, insurance, investments, protection against fraud;

● Term of study – tied to the schedule or you can study at a free pace;

● Tuition fees – paid or free;

● Availability of a certificate after training.

Financial literacy courses are developed separately for adults and children. Children’s options are so simple and fun that they can be watched by the whole family. If you have doubts about whether it will be possible to take a course for adults, you can start with games or applications for children, there is the simplest language of presentation available to all readers.

If you have already received an education in finance or economics, you can start at an intermediate level. Advanced courses for professionals will not be covered in this review. But some training programs or individual blocks within the framework of some courses will be useful for all Russian citizens. Usually these are sections devoted to investing, financial security, insurance and retirement benefits.

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The ABC of Finance

The course of financial literacy from the educational portal “Lectorium” took 2nd place in the International competition of open online courses EdCrunch Award OOC-2017 in the nomination “The best course from the point of view of attracted experts.” Students of the course will acquire knowledge, practical skills and improve professional qualifications in the field of investment and personal finance management.

Target audience: bank employees, employees of pension funds, accountants, novice specialists of financial and investment organizations. In addition, students of any specialized universities and anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of personal finance management can study.

Teaching format: 29 video lectures and self-study materials, self-examination questions, skills training tests, chatting and technical support for all students of the course. During the training, 6 intermediate tests and a final test.

Complexity of the program. The program includes 6 lessons:

Investments and savings.

Can you be an investor, and what qualities are needed for this.

Financial instruments. Risk, profitability, liquidity.

Fundamentals of the formation of an investment portfolio, forecasting changes.

Goal strategies, parameters of short-term and long-term investment.

We learn to save and invest, we draw up a personal financial plan.

The financial literacy course is designed for 72 academic hours.

Term of study: unlimited.

Tuition fee: free.

Certificate: for the completion of training and the successful delivery of the test work, a personal certificate of the “Lectorium” is issued.

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Financial literacy from A to Z

Online financial literacy course from the FINAM group. You can take a test for individual training recommendations. After answering the questions, indicate your personal data,

phone number and mail, where Finam specialists will send recommendations within 24 hours.

Target audience: young people, teenagers, newcomers to financial literacy.

Training format: video lectures, which are not limited in time and number of views, without feedback and without practical tasks.

Complexity of the program. The program includes 10 sections:

Personal financial plan.

Personal budget management.

Family budget.

Financial education of children.

Investment for beginners.

Individual investment account.

Tax incentives.

Pension savings.

Credit load management.

Personal financial security.

Term of study: unlimited.

Tuition fee: free.

Certificate: no.

Fundamentals of Financial Literacy

Distance learning financial literacy course from Zillon Educational Online Academy.

Target audience: high school students and teachers of general education and secondary special schools. Anyone who wants to get the basics of financial literacy can also become students.

Training format: video materials, lectures and a test at each level.

Complexity of the program. The program includes 13 chapters:

Personal finance.

Development of the banking system.


The property.

Stock market.

Stock market strategy and risks. The history of the emergence of exchanges.

Pension security.

Analysis of financial information.

Electronic finance.

Taxation of individuals.

Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning.

The basics of personal financial security.

The last 13 stage is devoted to the final testing for all the material passed.

Term of study: unlimited.

Tuition fee: free.

Certificate: personalized certificate after successfully passing the final test.

How to keep a home budget?

Distance learning financial literacy course from educational marketplace Look. Learn.

Target audience: young professionals, young families, large families.

Training format: video lectures with a total complexity of 1 hour plus one additional material, without practicing practical skills.

Complexity of the program. The program includes 2 sections:

Budget planning. Includes three lectures: “Planning Income”, “Planning Expenditures” and “Budget Analysis”.

Budget tracking and situation analysis.

Term of study: unlimited.

Tuition fee: free.

Certificate: personalized certificate after completion of training.

Personal finance management

Financial literacy course from the educational portal Udemy.

Target audience: Professionals with basic finance skills and non-professionals who want to learn financial literacy skills.

Teaching format: 23 lectures with a total duration of 3 hours 31 minutes and 43 resources for additional study.

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Complexity of the program. The program includes 6 sections:


Financial school.

Personal budget.

Costs and savings.



There are questions for each section of the training, some have tasks for independent study.

Term of study: unlimited.

Tuition fee: $ 29.99.

Certificate: a personal certificate is issued for completing training and successfully passing the test.

Free courses for obtaining the basics of financial literacy in most cases are in no way inferior to paid ones. Some programs are so detailed and rich in examples that they will be useful even for specialists in the field of accounting or economics. However, not all students can organize the learning process if the term is not limited or money has not been paid for knowledge. If everything is in order with motivation and self-discipline, free financial literacy courses are the best option.

This topic is not too difficult, so don’t be afraid to take up the challenge. Moreover, with the help of courses from professionals you will definitely become a specialist in this field. We hope we were helpful to you! We wish you success in your studies.

5 Online Courses to Improve Your Financial Grammar

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