2022 Predictions Economy

What Companies Will Do The Best In 2022?

2022 Predictions Economy We wanted to compile a list of companies we felt would dominate in 2022. This is not a commentary on their public or private valuation. Moreover, their place in the market and their odds for outperformance!

2022 Predictions Economy

Spotify : The streaming juggernaut continues to innovate and impress a global music audience that has become cult-like in their love of the app!

AMD : AMD is helping to lead the technology revolution with their semiconductors that are powering everything we the consumer relies upon!

Nvidia : Nvidia is building the graphic processing units that allow the Artificial Intelligence revolution to flourish.

GitLab : A platform that combines the ability to develop, in addition secure, and operate software in a single application.

Amplitude : Because someone has to deliver reasonable point-and-click analytics, after all these years.

Gemini : A Crypto pioneer that is helping transform global finance and founded by two of our favorite technology minds, Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss!

Winklevii Twins, Cameron Winklevoss & Tyler Winklevoss on Bitcoin’s Future & Gemini Exchange

Gitcoin : It’s an organization which funds open source software development, runs hackathons, and uses quadratic voting to raise capital for cryptocurrency projects. Super awesome company worth checking out!

Upstack : Upstack is poised for a huge 2022 as they provide a guiding hand for B2B’s transition to the cloud. In a young and fragmented industry. Upstack is a potential future unicorn setting themselves apart from their competition with a superior platform.  

Remote : Helps companies hire anyone in another country by providing the HR, tax, payroll API plugin. Tailwind here would be the rise of remote work with Covid. They’re essentially an employer of record, but they own their entities vs outsourcing it, which most competitors do. 

Unit : A Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform, that allows a fintech or SaaS company to create embedded finance products in 4-6 weeks instead of 2-3 years. Biggest tailwind here is how every tech brand wants to be a fintech, so big TAM 

Tractable : This Computer Vision Company is looking to use Deep Learning to change the way the consumer interacts with the automobile. Starting in car insurance, Tractable will look to bring smart computer vision technology to the entire automotive experience.

Baidu : AutoDL – Baidu’s Auto DL lowers the threshold for AI development and use for users. Furthermore, provides a full-stack deep learning solution, including automated production and training models, supports small sample modeling, quickly adapts to different scenarios and different hardware, and provides multi-angle models explanation.

Bryter : A no-code platform for enterprise solutions. In addition, it allows someone with no coding experience to create software to automate a repetitive task in the workplace. It’s differentiated from competitors because it’s truly no code, whereas a lot of competitors are low code 

2022 Predictions Economy

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