11 Majors You Can Take at College to Become an AI Genius

11 Majors You Can Take at College to Become an AI Genius. The AI industry is expected to earn $126 billion a year by 2025. This, in turn, will create millions of jobs, bringing new opportunities to the job market. 

If you are set to work in the artificial intelligence sector, you will be developing computer programs and solving problems using data. And below, we have a list of majors that you can take in college that will prepare you for a successful career in this industry. 

Artificial Intelligence

Due to the increasing popularity of this career, many universities and colleges have started offering majors focusing on AI and its applied fields. A few includes:

  • BSc Data Science, AI & Digital Business
  • B.Sc. Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • Bachelor of Science in AI and Machine Learning

You can find these offered in universities across the world. Some of them even combine management knowledge along with programming skills and data analytics. 

Before you think it can be overwhelming, not to worry; with platforms such as EssayPro.com, you will be able to manage assignments and keep up with the coursework with little effort. If your goal is to gain an understanding of AI and to implement it in different sectors, these majors will fit perfectly with your goal. 

Сomputer Science 

The number of colleges offering majors in AI is steadily increasing; however, not yet widely available. If you cannot find one such course, your next best bet is to choose Computer Science. 

Unlike AI programs, these are available in most engineering universities and let you take various classes that work well with AI. Moreover, with a CS degree, you can choose to specialize in robotics, database systems, machine learning, visual computing, and more. You will be able to find jobs in fields unrelated to AI as well. 


Some of you might be wondering how statistics is related to AI. As an interdisciplinary scientific field, statistics plays a significant role in obtaining both theoretical and practical understanding of artificial intelligence. 

Knowledge of the science of statistics can help with data evaluation, arriving at a precise formation of a research question, and even in the analysis and interpretation of results. In other words, majoring in statistics can open many doors when trying to get a job in AI-related fields. 

Data Science/Analytics

Like AI, Data Science majors are also relatively new. The field is closely associated with statistics yet very distinct in its own way. As you can imagine, with such a degree, you will be focusing on how to process the data collected by computers and use it to the advantage of the organization you are working for. 

You will learn how to extract information from a database, manipulate data and visualize it for implementing it for AI. This requires you to gain knowledge of many different fields, including machine learning, computer science, and mathematics. 

Software Programming

Some universities offer a degree in software programming with several specializations that are useful for AI. With AI transforming the coding sector, learning languages such as Python can help you obtain a foothold in the industry. 

Interestingly, you can even pursue this as an online course to complement your major in another subject. 


AI and robotics are often considered a powerful combination that can help automate tasks in various settings. As a robotic engineer, you would be learning about both programming and engineering and using those skills to design and build devices. 

You can look at robotics as a brand of AI that focuses on the implementation of machine learning on devices. Majoring in robotics and AI can lead to opportunities in a number of industries such as manufacturing, health care, and transportation. 

11 Majors You Can Take at College to Become an AI Genius


Mathematical concepts form the base of AI, and as such. You can look for courses such as applied mathematics to gain more understanding of artificial intelligence. In such programs, you will be able to learn about computational methods and algorithms that can be useful for AI. 

If possible, you can also combine mathematics with technology specialization such as programming or one of the other ones we listed here. You might even be able to find colleges that offer a single course that offers exposure to a combination of these subjects. 

Business Management 

To work in AI, you don’t need to be involved with the development of AI. Instead, you can also play a key role by managing related products. For instance, many colleges offer AI management courses that focus on the organizational and managerial implications of AI rather than its technical aspects. 

When majoring in such programs, you will be armed with the skills and knowledge to lead projects that handle the integration of AI in business. This is often available as a master’s degree but can help you increase your professional value with the ability to link the AI technology for business results. 

AI Project Management 

Similar to business, project management teams also play a crucial role in ensuring that AI businesses function efficiently. Depending on the course you take, you will be able to learn the capabilities and applications of AI and understand its future potential. 

However, the focus would be on organizing and managing AI integration projects, and moreover, on how to communicate effectively with technical teams. You will also be prepared to understand how to avoid the common pitfalls associated with such game-changing technologies. 

Natural Language Processing 

NLP Engineers are professionals who specialize in human language, both spoken and written. In AI, this degree can give you opportunities to work on voice assistants, document processing, and speech recognition. 

Like mathematics, you can also try to combine a specialization in NLP with other technology-related programs. Such as computational linguistics or statistics. You can also work on data analytical skills that can turn out to be more helpful. 

Business Intelligence 

Business Intelligence developers also deal with complex data to identify trends. While this sounds like a data analyst position, there is the key difference that business intelligence developers won’t be creating reports. 

Instead, they are responsible for designing and modeling sophisticated data structures in highly accessible formats. For instance, you might be handling the maintenance of data on cloud-based data platforms for business users and others. 

Skills You Need to Land a Job in AI Sector 

While we discussed the many majors that are related to AI, that is not the only path to becoming an AI genius. In fact, you can develop skills by taking online classes or specializations. In that case, here is a list of the skills that you need to build:

  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python and SQL
  • Knowledge of data analysis, visualization, and processing
  • Understanding of cloud technologies
  • Acumen about the industry, market, and applications of AI

With the talent gap in the AI sector widening, organizations are no longer making it mandatory for their employers to have a college degree that is related to their job. Instead, if you have demonstrable skills, you can find opportunities in this sector. Thanks to freelancing platforms, you can even try to gain experience in artificial intelligence without having to find a job first. 

11 Majors You Can Take at College to Become an AI Genius