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    Via an Interactive Brokers online managed account available in 75 Countries.

    A separately managed account is a portfolio of individual securities managed on your behalf by a professional asset management firm. You own the individual securities & the account, which can provide the ownership, control, and transparency you deserve. You'll have a clear view of the individual securities you own, plus ready access to account details and trade information. We offer broadly diversified portfolios with competitive fees and minimums as low as $5,000. We’ll work with you to find the managed account that fits your needs.

  • "Rebellion's A.I. technology has the ability to learn from its past predictions to become more efficient"

    "Math and computer whizzes" 

    "Rebellion has a solid track record"

    "Very intelligent investment plays"


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  • Our Strategies

    We use our proprietary artificial intelligence based Machine Learning powered system to operate multiple strategies for our clients. Our technology was once available only to very high net worth investors through our hedge fund, but is now offered to you through managed brokerage accounts at Interactive Brokers.

    A.I. Global Equity Strategy

    Rebellion's Artificial Intelligence-based Global Equity strategy has been managing money for partners and clients live since 2007. This strategy is run in Rebellion Research Partners, L.P. our Hedge Fund as well as in managed accounts.


    Fees of 1.5% Annually



    Holdings Info as of November 2016

    Top 5 holdings and percentage allocation:

    Bank of Hawaii 1.23%

    Biogen 1.22%

    Panera Bread 1.21%

    Nordstrom 1.18%

    Nestle 1.17%


    Top 5 countries allocated to:

    United States





    A.I. Global Absolute Return &

    A.I. Global Fixed Income

    Using our proprietary machine learning system Rebellion Research runs various other strategies via managed accounts.


    Our Absolute Return Strategy is a 0 beta, low volatility strategy comprised of 15-20 ETFs. Providing a cash alternative for clients looking to add an anchor of safety to their account and who seek low or negative market correlation.


    Additionally we offer a US Bond Strategy & US Treasuries Strategy consisting of low-cost ETF's.


    Fees of 0.7% Annually



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