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Rebellion Research is a global machine learning think tank, artificial intelligence financial advisor & hedge fund. Brokerage accounts can be opened in over 70 countries and our research coverage spans over 50 countries. We use a proprietary Machine Learning to make global economic assessments with a 14 year history of outperforming the S&P 500.

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Rebellion Research bringings you analysis and insights into the technologies and innovations of tomorrow.

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Rebellion Research’s AI Investing Platform has out performed the SAP 500 for 14 years.

Consistently top markets / competitors

Consistently top markets / competitors

Trusted Team

Trusted Team

Made of of the world’s leading AI talent, professors. Rebellion Research has partnerships with over half a dozen universities.

Global economic and fundamental analysis

Global economic and fundamental analysis

Our machine learning algorithm monitors 100s of economic factors from over 50 countries throughout the world.

Tailored, systematic strategies

Tailored, systematic strategies

Any risk level or exposure to the markets you want by country or by continent

Forefront of AI investing

Forefront of AI investing

At the forefront of AI since 2003, Rebellion Research continues to push industry standards in machine learning investment.

Highly Tax Efficient

Highly Tax Efficient

Our AI enables trades that increase tax credits to lower your tax liabilities

Low Risk

Low Risk

Our AI manages risk and has more divesity in the markets. We have been outperoming the S&P 500 for over 14 years and the world markets.

Low flat fees

Low flat fees

Industry low 1% commission rate

Our AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become a very powerful decision-making tool. Machine learning algorithms really start to shine when the problem offers a large amount of data from which to learn. Rebellion Research’s Machine learning algorithms have shown a tremendous ability to take these large data sets and accurately combine them with different factors to create global economic predictions–often better than even a team of financial & economic experts. So here is the question: Why aren’t AI investment strategies used more often in investing?

After all, the financial markets offer a bewildering array of information, from prices for each tick, options chain prices, to fundamental information about companies and securities, etc. In addition, all this data goes back decades. With these complexities, it seems impossible that we humans are truly taking into account all the relevant information when they make decisions. Instead, this should be an area where machine learning algorithms (can) really shine.

Unfortunately, replicating Rebellion Research’s success at global economic predictions has met a few hurdles along the way.

Investment Process

Challenges of AI Investing

It turns out that when trying to apply machine learning to longer-term investments, a number of challenges begin to arise. Rebellion Research took almost 4 years to complete the build-out of our first alpha-generating machine learning algorithm.

System Constantly Evolving

First, the financial system is constantly changing and evolving, and it does not change smoothly. In 1990, Australia had very little exposure to China, while today it moves on China’s industrial output numbers. Similarly, Apple in 2021 is not the same company as it was in 2000 or even in 2010.

Market Conditions Constantly Changing

Daily volatilities of stocks undergo rapid shifts every day. If you are trying to make predictions using historical data, you have to take into account that the past market that you are using is not the same as the current one. It is similar, but certainly not the same. So Rebellion Research had to create a process to weigh current economic and market data vs historical data. How much is 2012’s data worth vs that of 2008 or 2015? These are tough questions for any machine learning programs.

Meaning of Factors changes over time

It is even hard to find factors to base decisions on that are not changing. Apple has changed significantly from what it was 10 years ago. Back then, each dollar of revenue, and each dollar of profit that Apple made came from its computer sales. Now, of course, the majority of those profits and revenues are from the sales of phones and services.

Meet the founder

RebellionResearch.com’s CEO Alexander Fleiss has spoken about Artificial Intelligence Investing in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fox News, BusinessWeek, Bloomberg News, MIT Technology Review, Yomiuri Shimbun, Wired, CNBC, Geo Magazine, The Economist and Institutional Investor. Chapter 24 of Wall Street Journal Reporter Scott Patterson’s book Dark Pools is on Mr. Fleiss. 

Alexander Fleiss | Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Rebellion Research Partners

Our Team

Following experts contribute to our success!

Alexander Fleiss

CEO - Chairman & Co-Founder

B.A., Amherst College

Han Cui

Director of Machine Learning

MS in Applied Mathematics, Columbia University

Jen Konde

Special Strategic Advisor

Head of Customer Experience Center, Google Cloud NYC at Google, COO, New York Food Truck Association, Global Field Operations, Andreessen Horowitz, B.A. New York University

Karen Fleiss

Vice Chair

Chief Administrative Officer, Endowment Manager, Barnard College of Columbia University, CEO, KMF Partners LP, M.B.A., Columbia Business School, B.A. Barnard College

Lauren Crossett

Marketing & Strategic Decisions Advisor

B.A., Fordham University, Director of Business Development, Quovo, B.A., Fordham University

Jonathan Sturges

Chief Business Officer

M.B.A., Columbia Business School, B.A. Amherst College, Reservoir Media, Warner Music Group

Harold Moss

Advisor Board

Akamai Technologies Senior Director of Security Strategy and CTO of IBM's Cloud Security Strategy, Lead Security Architect, IBM Watson, National Security Institute Visiting Fellow

Professor Logan Beirne

Advisory Board

Professor at Yale University Law School, CEO of Matterhorn Transactions, Sullivan & Cromwell, BS Fairfield University, Fulbright Scholar, JD Yale Law School

Dr. Nomi Ghez

Goldman Sachs Partner

Board Member, Stern NYU, Board Member , Tel Aviv University

Frank Newman

Advisory Board

Deputy Secretary, US Treasury Dept., CFO Bank of America, CEO Bankers Trust, CEO Shenzhen Development Bank, BA Harvard College

Jared Banner

Advisory Board

Chicago Cubs, Head of Farm System, New York Mets, Vice President of Player Personnel, Boston Red Sox, BA, Amherst College

John F. Hussey

Advisory Board

U.S. Army 2-Star General

Danielle Schiffman

Advisory Board

Head of Business & Legal Affairs, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, BA Georgetown, JD Georgetown Law School

Nick Kolegraff

Advisory Board

Head of Ai & Machine Learning Clear Capital, Chief Data Scientist of Rackspace, Principal Data Scientist at Accenture, BA & BS, University of Iowa

Professor X. Frank Zhang

Advisory Board

Professor of Accounting at Yale University School of Management, MBA & PHD University of Chicago

Dr. Linda Kreitzman

Assistant Dean of Berkeley Haas

Charmel Maynard

Advisory Board

UMiami Treasurer & CIO, VP JPMorgan, BA, Amherst College

John Dailey

Advisory Board

CFA, Investment Officer, Amherst College Endowment, Senior Investment Officer, Boston College Endowment, B.S. in Finance, M.B.A. & M.S.F, Boston College

Lorne Weil

Advisory Board

Past Chairman & CEO, Scientific Games, Board of Overseers, Columbia Business School, BA Columbia University, MBA Columbia Business School

Dr. Ololade Fatunmbi

Advisory Board

Chief Strategy Officer of Separation Methods Technologies

Jacob Gallice

Executive Director of UC Berkeley Master of Financial Engineering Program

Eric T. Young

Advisory Board Member

ex JPMorgan Chief Compliance officer

US Navy Admiral Scott Sanders

Advisory Board Member

Muhammad Farhan Khan

Web Advisor

Web Applications & Digital Strategy Development Specialist

Gihyen Eom

Quantitative Analyst


Calvin Ma

Quantitative Analyst


Victoria Averbukh

Cornell Engineering

Daniel DiPietro

Quantitative Analyst

Jessica Fisher

Technology Advisor

Jeremy Knopp

Air Force Office of Scientific Research


Paul Marrinan

Financial Crimes


James Sladky


Jules Hirschkorn



Samson Qian


Michael Keiser

Bandon Dunes Golf Course

Founder, Cabot Golf Course, Founder, Sand Valley Golf Course, Founder

Michael Ding


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