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    Educational Series: From Nuclear Submarines to the Hubble Space Telescope

    Facebook's Chief Ai Scientist & Deep Learning Godfather Courant Professor Yann LeCun

    Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz on OJ Simpson & Murder

    General David Petraeus, Global Commander in Afghanistan & CIA Director Gives A Lesson on Leadership

    Hubble Space Telescope & Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory Director & Legendary Astronomer Dr. Steven Beckwith

    Head of Machine Learning Strategies at JP Morgan Peng Cheng

    Winklevoss Twins Discuss Bitcoin's Future

    Wharton Real Estate Dean's Chair Gilles Duranton & NYU Real Estate Dean Sam Chandan

    Nuclear Submarine USS Santa Fe Captain David Marquet

    Wharton Professor Amit Gandhi & NLP Legend Dima Korolev

    Bloomberg Alternative Data Founder Jeremy Baksht

    Will Tesla Dominate For Decades? Clemson's Auto Chair & Robotic Expert Professor Dr. Laine Mears

    Simons Telescope Director & UCSD Professor Dr. Brian Keating

    Berkeley's Assistant Dean Dr. Linda Kreitzman on Founding the Berkeley School of Financial Engineering

    String Theory & the Cosmos with Brown Physics Professor Dr. Stephon Alexander

    NASA Astronaut Mike Mullane on Spacex, Life in Space & the Challenger Disaster

    Yale Law School's Logan Beirne on How George Washington Saved the Republic with Innovation

    NASA Astronaut Tom Jones on Asteroid Collisions, Asteroid Mining, The Right Stuff's Inaccuracies, Challenger & Columbia Disasters

    Stanford University's Dr. Ashwin Rao & Head of Ai for Target Corporation on Reinforcement Learning

    Exploring Mars, Asteroids & A Look Into Space with NASA Mars Rover Director Dr. Anita Sengupta

    NASA Astronaut Ron Garan on Flying the Space Shuttle Discovery vs an F-16

    Nvidia's Dr. John Ashley Talks About Nvidia's Innovation Power!

    USC Computer Science Games Department Founding Professor Dr. Mike Zyda on Virtual Reality & Why Good Games Fail?

    World's Largest Aircraft Carrier Designer US Navy Captain Tal Manvel Talks About Building the USS Gerald Ford

    Bank of Montreal's Head of Artificial Intelligence Capabilities on the Hottest Ai Trends in Finance

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    Why Ai Machine Learning Investing?


    We Leave Emotions out of your Investments


    Our Machine Learning has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 over the past 13 years.


    Fully Transparent Portfolio

    An individually managed account that is accessible 24/7 so that you can see the securities that you own.


    Seeking History's Lessons

    Our Machine Learning reviews a 24 year historical database on 55 countries daily to call the next Greek Debt Crisis or US Financial Crisis before Economists, Banks & Funds.


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  • Investing

    We use our proprietary machine learning to monitor 55 countries on a daily basis and incorporate each new day with our 24 years of historical data.

    A.I. Global Equity Strategy

    Rebellion's Artificial Intelligence-based Global Equity strategy has been managing money for clients since January 1st, 2007. This strategy is run in Rebellion Research Partners, L.P. our Hedge Fund as well as in managed accounts. It has significantly outperformed the S&P 500 since inception in 2007. This strategy will hold a diverse portfolio consisting of 90-120 global equities.


    Fees of 1% Annually



    A.I. Global Cash Alternative Absolute Return

    Our Absolute Return Strategy is a 0 beta, low volatility strategy comprised of 15-20 ETFs. Providing a cash alternative for clients who seek to have no currency exposure or risk at all and are looking to add an anchor of safety to their account and who seek low or negative market correlation.


    Fees of 1% Annually



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